Jillian Strunk

Huge THANK YOU goes out to Jayme and Tony. My one year old pit-bull mix, Delilah did the 4 day training with them.

Delilah didn’t have an on or off switch. She had zero calmness while meeting new people and interacting with other dogs. She didn’t know how to control her excitement when in stressful situations. So she practiced bad behavior. Jumping, scratching, nipping, arousal at times. Wasn’t sure where to turn. We both were stressed. I knew she had it in her to gain self control and confidence, so I contacted Lead Your K9. Talked to Jayme for over a half hour on the phone, she asked every question there was to ask about Delilah. So pleased from that second on!

Now after a month of being home and practicing the training we got from Lead Your K9 I’m so pleased with the outcome! She now knows how to work through her stress when seeing humans and dogs! And we are still continuing her training on Fridays at enrichment camp!

Highly recommend Jayme and Tony! 
Thank you so much.

- Jillian Strunk