Erix Sweethrt

Tony and Jayme are a joy to work with. They are patient with the dogs and their owners. They certainly enjoy working with and helping every pup that comes through their doors.

Our dog, Scout wasn't as socialized and well mannered as we would have liked. We did our best, but our attempts failed- which left us discouraged and frustrated with a wild pup. We found Lead Your K9 and after a consultation with many questions answered, Tony and Jayme suggested to put our pup in the '4 day board and train program.' They worked their magic and taught him how to properly walk on a leash, be around other dogs and how to be a calmer, more well behaved member of our family. We can now take Scout out in different situations with the confidence to control him. Tony gave us the skills to help Scout feel more comfortable and navigate the world around him.

We definitely look forward to continuing Scout's training with the Lead Your K9 team!

- Erix Sweethrt