When we decided we wanted to offer a boarding service, we did so because we wanted to provide a space that we would be comfortable sending our own dogs to (and as dog trainers I’m sure you can imagine that is a pretty small list).

Beyond creating a safe environment, we wanted to build a culture that dogs would enjoy. Where they would not only be physically safe but mentally and emotionally safe as well.

And not just safe...but nurtured.

That’s why all the dogs who board with us, no matter what type of dog or personality they have, we create ways to personalize their stay, have fun, provide biologically fulfilling activities, and build a relationship with them.

Exercise the body. Stimulate the mind. Nourish the Soul.

***Our Facility is a safe environment that includes over 3500 SQ of rubber flooring for safe play and activities. Our cleanliness practices exceed industry standards to minimize the risk of spread infectious disease. Our facility is temperature controlled for maximum comfort of dogs in our care. We also provide calming music in our kennel room, strategic use of Young Living calming oils, and work hard to promote a calm, low stress environment for dogs to enjoy their rest and relaxation. By providing dogs with adequate fulfillment and exercise throughout their days with us, they are ready to enjoy quiet time during breaks and overnight.

***Dogs in our care receive Personalized Care. They will get daily walks with an experienced trainer or handler so they can enjoy fresh air, a roll in the grass, and everything that comes along with enjoying the great outdoors. If your dog is social, they will have the opportunity to socialize in appropriately and strategically picked play groups. Your dog will also receive one on one time doing an activity they enjoy which can be anything from fetch to tug to agility.

***Boarding dogs will also get to enjoy the benefits of our Enrichment program. It’s no secret that Tony and Jayme are super into providing a healthy, fun, and safe social environment for dogs (after all they did first meet at a socialization workshop!). We turned our version of “daycare” into Canine Enrichment Camp that not only includes socialization but a structured day of practicing leash manners, running through a small challenges course, practicing impulse control, and treadmill training. Dogs get the ability to climb and explore, build confidence and body awareness, make friends, and have a great time all while maintaining manners.

If you are new to boarding your dog, have no fear. Our facility is LOW STRESS for dogs. We go above and beyond to make sure the dogs in our care are comfy and cozy. Unlike many boarding facilities out there that have dogs barking, anxious, excited, & carrying on in their kennels all day, our set-up is designed to help dogs find calmness and relaxation. We structure their day with enrichment and fulfilling activities run by trainers so that when they go to their crates they are ready to rest and relax.

Boarding Requirements :

*Up to date rabies vaccination

*Must have had full round of puppy shots including Parvo and Distemper

*Must have been cleared of worms or parasites within past 6 months

By appointment only.

Drop off & Pick Up Hours:

Monday - Friday 7-9am and 4-6:30pm

Weekends 7-8am and 4-5pm


Standard Boarding : $60.00 / night

Standard Boarding Extended Stay Discount : $55.00 / night

Behavior Mod Boarding : $90.00 / night

Grooming Available!

Add a grooming appointment to your dogs boarding visit. We will transport your dog to and from their appointment with our friends at Paw Prints Pet Salon in Orwigsburg. Let us know you’re interested when booking boarding and we will give you a quote.