Dogs that participate in our Canine Enrichment Camp engage in a variety of structured activities throughout the day as well as participating in a social room designed for each dog to succeed.

Canine Enrichment Camp is a day program offered Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to our current and past students.

Your dog will engage in variety of confidence building activities to provide physical and mental stimulation while building confidence. Your dog will have the opportunity to safely and properly practice socialization in a controlled environment no matter where they are on the social spectrum. Specialized social groups are formed to create a successful environment for all involved. Leash skills, patience, and manners are reinforced throughout the day which provides maximum benefit for your dogs no matter where they are in their training process. Your dogs will come home tired and satisfied and YOU will be relieved to know your hard efforts at training are being reinforced and expanded upon while your dogs are with us.