Erin Hulsey

I’ve been taking my dog Patches to socialization class and we love it!! It is so organized and the dogs respond so well with each other. It’s really a unique experience for the owners and their dogs!

Patches was horrible on a leash. Constant pulling and going for walks was always a struggle and a huge stress. I approached Tony about an individual leash training. Thank goodness I did! It took about 30-45 minutes for the lesson and it’s the most valuable training and Information I could have received!! Patches and I now enjoy going for walks! No pulling and absolutely stress free! Thank you Lead your K9!!

- Erin Hulsey

Danny Trojan

Brought my 11 month old Australian cattle dog/ Australian shepherd mix for their 4 days leash training. He was tough to walk but now he is awesome. Really worth the time and money. The training really put him on track for being better all around. Best thing about the training was what I learned about how to modify his behavior through proper training.

- Danny Trojan

Casey DiFrancesco

Tony is worth his weight in gold. He worked with our dog Berkley and did a fantastic job. He is very dedicated and so talented with dogs. After the first training session we were finally able to walk Berkley on a leash with out her pulling. We can't thank him enough for his help and highly recommend him!!

- Casey DiFrancesco

Jillian Strunk

Huge THANK YOU goes out to Jayme and Tony. My one year old pit-bull mix, Delilah did the 4 day training with them.

Delilah didn’t have an on or off switch. She had zero calmness while meeting new people and interacting with other dogs. She didn’t know how to control her excitement when in stressful situations. So she practiced bad behavior. Jumping, scratching, nipping, arousal at times. Wasn’t sure where to turn. We both were stressed. I knew she had it in her to gain self control and confidence, so I contacted Lead Your K9. Talked to Jayme for over a half hour on the phone, she asked every question there was to ask about Delilah. So pleased from that second on!

Now after a month of being home and practicing the training we got from Lead Your K9 I’m so pleased with the outcome! She now knows how to work through her stress when seeing humans and dogs! And we are still continuing her training on Fridays at enrichment camp!

Highly recommend Jayme and Tony! 
Thank you so much.

- Jillian Strunk

Erix Sweethrt

Tony and Jayme are a joy to work with. They are patient with the dogs and their owners. They certainly enjoy working with and helping every pup that comes through their doors.

Our dog, Scout wasn't as socialized and well mannered as we would have liked. We did our best, but our attempts failed- which left us discouraged and frustrated with a wild pup. We found Lead Your K9 and after a consultation with many questions answered, Tony and Jayme suggested to put our pup in the '4 day board and train program.' They worked their magic and taught him how to properly walk on a leash, be around other dogs and how to be a calmer, more well behaved member of our family. We can now take Scout out in different situations with the confidence to control him. Tony gave us the skills to help Scout feel more comfortable and navigate the world around him.

We definitely look forward to continuing Scout's training with the Lead Your K9 team!

- Erix Sweethrt

Beth Brandt

I was so impressed with Tony and how well my puppy did with him. Not only did he train her well, he went out of his way for me. I signed her up for a board and train for a week. Within that week I had broken both ankles and was not able to take care of her. He was so kind and didn’t give me a hard time at all. He said he would keep her for me and ended up giving her even more training. I can’t say enough about him as a trainer or as a person. Thank you again Tony.

- Beth Brandt

Amber Kelley Reber

We were Pipers 2nd family, she learned bad behaviors within her 12 months of life before we adopted her. Behaviors that we were having trouble breaking. 
In the 2 week duration of board and train Piper learned manners and how to stay calm within her environment! Very happy with the results! Would recommend to everyone!!

- Amber Kelley Reber

Elyce Kaplan

Lead your K-9 is great! He teaches you and your dog everything you need to know to have a well behaved dog. His prices are reasonable and he comes to your home. Dozer is like a new dog. I can take him to places with friends and other dogs. In my opinion, Tony is the dog whisperer of Schuylkill and nearby counties. I am so glad I invested my time and money in this company!!!!!

- Elyce Kaplan

Lauren Davison

From the very first consultation, we felt confident in Jayme and Tony and how they could help us. We could not be happier with the results that we saw with our rescue dogs. We have learned so much and continue to take them to the enrichment camp to continue to grow. The dogs love to go and we love hearing how great they do each time. Highly recommend all programs offered by Tony and Jayme!

- Lauren Davison

Barbara Clark

Before taking the obeisance class with Tony and Jayme we were starting to wonder if we made a mistake getting a dog. Tucker was wild. Always jumping on us, never calm, pulling when we walked him. He actually pulled me to the ground twice and I was afraid to walk him. With Lead Your K9's training and advice his behavior has greatly improved. No more pulling, he's calmer, and we are enjoying having a dog.

- Barbara Clark