Whatever your goals or behavior problems, and no matter the age, size, or breed of your dog, Lead Your K9 has a solution for you.

We have a variety of well rounded programs that will get you and your family the results you all deserve.

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  • Going for relaxed walks

  • Coming when called

  • Playing at the park

  • Gaining your dog’s attention

  • Obedience

  • Raising puppies as family pets

  • Social manners with people and dogs

  • Revisiting new skills with adult dogs

  • Resolving behavioral concerns

  • Off Leash Reliability

Addressing problem behaviorS:

  • A nightmare to walk on leash

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Fearful

  • Jumping on People

  • Chewing on my things and eating my house

  • Peeing when excited or scared

  • Running away

  • Crying at night

  • Aggression

  • Dog Fights

  • Leash Aggression

All of our programs include access to our private community page where we have a community of amazing dog owners, just like you, who ask questions, continue to learn and grow their relationship with their dog during and after their training programs, as well as a copy of our wellness plan and access to our online classroom for supported at home learning. The training methods for all of our programs are designed on science backed motivational work for teaching behaviors and solving behavioral issues. We use all 4 quadrants in operant conditioning to teach and maintain training.

We are now registering for the following Summer Classes :

Obedience Foundations Group Class : This is one of our most popular classes. This class is an entry level program perfect for puppies or adult dogs with minor manners issues (jumping, leash pulling, excitement, nervousness). For owners who are looking to build a clear plan for communication, learn how to set healthy and reasonable expectations, and learn to train in a fun, and friendly social environment, this class is for you! In this class, we are your coach, and you are your dogs trainer. You will be given homework each week and progress through the class building on the skills you learn.

Class Schedule : Class meets once per week for 7 weeks on Tuesdays at 7pm. July 9 - August 20

Canine Acceleration Camp (CAC) : This new program is exceeding our expectations for success. Also an entry level class, CAC combines Day Trains and Group Classes to produce a sharp and quick result for the basics on dogs and puppies with minor behavior challenges. The Day Trains allow our staff of professionals to begin teaching the dog new skills one on one so the timing is on point and the learning process is accelerated. When you come for your group class on Thursday, your dog already has an understanding of the new skills and behaviors we are teaching. During group class we will go through a series of exercises teaching you how to motivate your dog to perform for you as well as they do at school! In addition to learning, dogs in this program will also receive socialization with other dogs under our tutelage and expert supervision. Day Training occurs on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Group Classes occur on Thursdays at 6:30pm. Drop off is between 7:00-9:00am and pick up on Tuesday is from 5:00-6:30pm. On Thursdays the dogs stay until group class and then go home with you after. You will receive homework after your Thursday classes to work on over the weekend.

Class Schedule :


July CAC: Tuesday July 9 - Thursday July 25

August CAC : Tuesday August 6 - Thursday August 22

Enrichment, Learn, & Play : In addition to our many training programs, we also offer Canine Enrichment Camp, which is our Dog Trainer version of Doggy Daycare. Dogs that come for the day enjoy a variety of mentally and physically stimulating activities such as a small challenges course, treadmill training, leash training walks, and socialization. Our socialization experience is uniquely run by trainers with experience in creating a fun and safe environment for dogs to hang out in. You can read a bit more about our Enrichment program here. Many dogs that participate in Enrichment have already done or are in the process of doing training with us. However, it is not a prerequisite to have done a prior program. For dogs who have not done training with us yet but want their dogs to enjoy the benefits that this program has to offer, we have this on ramp program that will get your dog off on the right foot building confidence working with us and you will learn about basic leash handling skills and communication, how to get your dog to automatically stop and sit next to you, and how to create calmness and impulse control when you want it. This program includes 8 visits to enrichment (we prefer to see dogs twice per week to get them started in learning the routine and for us to get to know them as well) followed by 2 private one on one lessons with you to work on those basic leash skills.

Class Schedule : Canine Enrichment Camp is currently available Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (except Holidays) and private lessons can be scheduled Monday - Saturday.

Canine Acceleration Camp UNLEASHED : If you have completed one of our entry level programs, an on leash board and train or private program, and you are looking on working towards Off Leash Reliability with your dog… this is the class for you! This class offers the basics of the conditioning process with remote collar training and will jumpstart your off leash training process. Please not that most dogs will NOT be off leash reliable following this program, but you will have the tools and understanding of how to continue to develop a fair and safe use of remote collar technology as a source of communication, not punishment, with your dog.

We believe in the power of off leash training for all dogs. It offers the highest level of training and communication which results in the most freedom and fun for your dog. After all, a well behaved dog that you can trust gets to go more places and be a part of more of your life -which -isn’t that why we have them in our lives to begin with? So let’s get out there and have some ADVENTURES!

CAC UNLEASHED is offered on a limited basis and runs CAC style with Day Trains & Group Classes.

Day Training occurs on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Group Classes occur on Thursdays at 7:30pm. Drop off is between 7:00-9:00am and pick up on Tuesday is from 5:00-6:30pm. On Thursdays the dogs stay until group class and then go home with you after. You will receive homework after your Thursday classes to work on over the weekend.

Class Schedule :

August CAC : Tuesday August 6 - Thursday August 22

Tuesday August 6 : Day Train (Drop off 7:00-9:00am & Pick up 5:00-6:30pm)

Thursday August 8 : Day Train (Drop off 7:00-9:00am) + Group Class (7:30pm)

Tuesday August 13 : Day Train (Drop off 7:00-9:00am & Pick up 5:00-6:30pm)

Thursday August 15 : Day Train (Drop off 7:00-9:00am) + Group Class (7:30pm)

Tuesday August 20 : Day Train (Drop off 7:00-9:00am & Pick up 5:00-6:30pm)

Thursday August 22 : Day Train (Drop off 7:00-9:00am) + Group Class (7:30pm)

Badass Class : If you have completed one of our entry level programs, a board and train or private program, and are looking to have some fun while growing your handling and training skills, this class is for you. We will build on the foundational concepts you have already learned and challenge you and your dog in a group setting to take things to the next level. This class will also have a surprise Graduation Field Trip where you will go show off your skills in a public setting applying your badass skills to a real world scenario. If you’re the type of person who dreams of getting out in public with your dog while maintaining control, this is a great fun class for you!

Class Schedule :

June 4-25 : CLASS IS FULL

Next Class TBD

Private Programs & Board and Trains :

For those individuals or families with challenging schedules, who don’t have a ton of time to commit to the training process, those coming from a distance, dealing with difficult or dangerous dog behavior, one of our private or boarding and training options may be the best fit for you. These programs also offer the highest level of training available and have a very high success rate.

Our private program offers one on one sessions with our Training Director, Tony Stokes, for 60-90 minutes for a total of 8 lessons. These can be scheduled Monday - Saturday.

Our boarding and training programs are an amazing way to get real results whether you have an unruly puppy, an adolescent or adult dog that needs manners, or if you are struggling with severe behavioral issues. We excel at problem solving and turning dogs with bad habits into well mannered companions. Our programs are set apart from other programs like them in every way, from the level of care, the level of training, to the level of education each family receives in conjunction with their dog. Each board and train offers a minimum of 3 private lessons and access to a group class upon completion.

2 Week Board and Train : Good for puppies 6 months and under. Dogs will graduate with an understanding of having a strong work ethic and motivation, loose leash walking, focus and obedience, and proper socialization.

3 Week Board and Train : Good for young adults and adolescents with mild behavioral challenges. Also a great program for those with off leash goals.

6 Week Board and Train : Good for dogs with serious behavior issues, severe anxiety, human or dog aggression.

What is a day in the life of a board and train dog look like? We take on a limited number of board and train dogs at a time. These dogs receive a high level of one on one attention from our training director, Tony Stokes. Dogs first come out at 6:30am for a potty break and a little bit of work. From that time until 9:30pm dogs are worked in rotation coming out every 2-3 hours for the variety of activities that they participate in while here. Because each dog receives a customized program based on their behaviors and the goals of the family, those activities may vary. An example of a day for a board and train dog might look like this :

6:30am potty break and walk

7:00am crate rest

7:30am food session (repetition work in obedience)

7:45am crate rest

9:30am walk / leash training

10:00am crate rest

12:00pm food session

12:30pm crate rest

3:00pm socialization session

3:30pm crate rest

5:30pm walk / leash training

6:00pm duration place and inclusion work while dogs get pick up from training and socializing and the facility gets it’s daily scrubbing

7:00pm crate rest & rest of daily food ration

9:30pm walk / leash training / last potty

Let us help you. Picking the right training program for you, your dog, your lifestyle, and your goals is A LOT to think about. Let us help you with that process. Schedule a Discovery Call with our resident dog and sales expert, Jayme, who is happy to help walk you through the process and answer any questions you have.