LYK9 Training Club

for Biological Fulfillment



Whether you are looking to refine your obedience skills or build up competitive obedience, this is a keystone to our work with dogs. Obedience builds cooperation and a strong bond between dog and handler. Whether it’s just for fun or to help you better navigate life with a tough dog, this is a great opportunity for every dog owner looking to improve their skills.


Structured play

Play is how we teach new skills, but it’s also an incredibly beneficial outlet for dogs to have. What most people don’t realize is that if you do not make the rules to the game, your dog will. Learn to build up confidence in games for you and your dogs while building cooperation inside of them.

*Retrieve Training


*Flirt Pole

*Spring Pole



Did you know that your dog’s nose is about 10,000 times more effective than yours? Basically, it’s like a superpower. Dogs these days are put to work detecting all sorts of things : drugs, bombs, diabetes, even cancer. While not all dogs who learn about nose work go on to be pros, it’s an incredibly beneficial activity for you to get your dog involved with. Your dog will love it and you will find them surprisingly satisfied from even short nose work sessions.