Tips to prepare your dog for fireworks

It's never too soon to prepare for


Every year, right around this time, thousands of dogs are lost due to a fear of fireworks.

Flight and panic are very typical responses for dogs to experience as we celebrate our summer holidays with fireworks that dogs often do not understand or know how to react to.

Keeping their safety in mind is a huge priority at this time. Follow these tips for Summer Safety around fireworks and celebrations.

1) If you know there will be fireworks, it is best to leave your pet secure at home inside the house, preferably in a crate where they feel safe and comfortable. If your pet is not crate trained, getting them into a crate training routine is great for a lot of reasons, but can also especially help through these types of challenges. Check out this Crate Training Video on our YouTube channelfor tips on crate training that even works with adult dogs!

2) Be proactive and plan to get your dogs exercise and potty breaks taken care of before or after a time you know there will be fireworks. If there are fireworks going off that you were unaware of, take your dog inside for safety. If you do have your dog out during a time when fireworks are going off, keep them on a secure leash that they cannot slip out of at all times. Even fences cannot always keep a terrified dog confined and safe. Many dogs take off and jump fences or even run through electric fences when feeling panicked by fireworks.

3) If possible, keep windows and curtains closed to minimize sound and stimulation. You can also play calming music of your own, or run a fan or white noise machine.

4) Have your dogs safe haven, or their crate, located in an area of the house where they will not be disturbed by people that may be coming and going.

5) Offer them a high value treat such as a raw marrow bone from your local butcher,, bully stick, or frozen kong filled with tasty treats while in their crate to keep them occupied.

6) One of the most IMPORTANT things you can do is be sure your dog is microchipped and wearing a tag with their name and your number.

The truth is, fireworks and dogs just don’t mix. Keep your best and most loyal friends safe around these holiday celebrations!